A Dangerous Coming-of-Age on the Winter Sea


E. A. Lovitt, Hall of Fame and Top 100 Amazon reviewer, writes:

Like the poem about 'touching the face of God,' P.D. Callahan touches the face of the sea, disgorging thousands of silvery fish "alive and shining like newborns." Read more...

What People Are Saying About DOOR IN DARK WATER

“We were young and could work all night chasing herring—whether feeling out a cove before we ran the twine or deck-loading another carrier. Who knew this way of life was almost done for many of us. Paul's memoir is like being back aboard at the rail, covered in scales and counting up the hogsheads. It reads like 40 years ago could be just yesterday.”

         -Mike Mesko, F/V Evening Call, Vinalhaven Island


“P.D. Callahan knows the folds and currents of the sea as well as he knows the rhythms and cadence of writing. He has combined these two wealths into a gripping account of fishing in the Gulf of Maine, one of our oldest fisheries and a trade laden with history.”

         -David Fairbank White, Author of Bitter Ocean and True Bearing


“Just as deep water / shallows interface creates the best of fishing grounds, so an interface ‘twixt idling academics and the hi-staked rigors of commercial fishing offers rich terrain for stories and self-reflection. Those attuned to such tensioned mortal journeying will find in Callahan’s book a fetching read.”

         -Gladden Schrock, Author of Letters From Alf and Two For The Silence: Glutt; Taps


Door in Dark Water is the story of P.D. Callahan’s love affair with fishing and with a way of life in a small Maine community that is no more. Testing his limits amid the hardships and danger of this hardscrabble life, Callahan confronts the depths of the sea—and his soul.”

         -Céline Keating, Author of Layla


“A powerful and moving tale. P. D. Callahan's insightful writing takes the reader deep into a mysterious world filled with richly drawn characters and strangely moving events.”

         -Joe Upton, Author of Amaretto, Alaska Blues, and Bering Sea Blues